Anti Moisture Dry Bead-2g

Anti moisture dry bead is the development of society,requirements of antibacterial products on the environment friendly and harmless to the human body development and production of the latest products.

The function of anti moisture dry bead damp proof,absorption,remove odor and antibacterial.

Widely used in gloves,shoes,bags,sofa,furniture,arts and crafts,sports equipment,leather,wood products,textiles,electronic products etc.

The characteristic of anti moisture dry bead for the spherical porous material,with a fresh smell,non-toxic,no micro powder,insoluble in water.

Suggestions and measures:

1.All the raw materials in accordance with the proper method of storage, storage space to keep dry.

2.Box or packaging materials environments should be kept clean.

3.To avoid the product for a long time, especially in the rainy season.

4.Well ventilated and dry warehouses.

Method of used

1.with a pair of scissors along the outer packing aluminum film bag top line cut, do not cut the pay attention to self sealing.

2.from the self sealing mouth open outer packing bag, took out a packet or packets of antisepsis beads, into the goods box or bag.

3.position the antisepsis beads, immediately cover the goods packaging box or a sealed bag.

4.the unused antimicrobial peal please put back the aluminum film bags and sealing preservation.

5.a pair of shoes 2 packages or per 0.02 m³ of storage space using a packet.